Maggot Engagement!

The love a Maggot team have been frantically busy communicating the benefits of Maggot Therapy to schools, members of the Community and engaging with local public groups. 

A few examples are shown below:

STEM visits to Swansea University by Gower College and Atlantic College

Gower College

On the 1st of December a group of approximately 20 students from Gower College, with an interest in healthcare, arrived to visit Swansea University. Their morning was taken up by a maggot workshop and maggot lecture explaining the role of medicinal maggots in chronic wound care. Students then had the opportunity to explore the life cycle of maggot therapy and the clinical application of this therapy. Students enjoyed the many models and living specimens.

Atlantic College

On December the 8th, a group of young 6th form students from Atlantic college visited Swansea University. They wanted to understand and learn a little bit more about the science maggot therapy, and the research undertaken at Swansea University to understand further and the role of maggots in modern medicine. These students were particularly interested in pursuing STEM subjects and research after sixth form. Students were given an hour-long seminar on maggots and maggot therapy – the session was very interactive with interested students asking many brilliant questions! They also enjoyed playing a maggot game, trying to knock out a bacterial infection from a chronic wound, using maggots! Prizes (maggot mugs) were awarded for students who managed to knock out all 5 species of bacteria! All participants received liquorice maggots! Students were then taken on a tour of the research labs in the Institute of Life Science, to get an insight into the medical research currently being undertaken at Swansea University.

Matty the Maggot Mug

Liquorice flavoured Maggots!!