Maggots vs Bacteria – all about the game!

Before you go and play our game (it’s right there under the Maggots  vs Bacteria  tab!) it might be interesting to see how this game came to be and how long a project like this takes to develop.  In early 2015 Yamni was talking to her colleague Prof Amy Brown about different ways to get the message out about how great medicinal maggots were at zapping bacteria in wounds.  They hit on the idea of some sort of game but at the time didn’t know how to go about starting the process.  A year later, Yamni mentioned the idea of a game to the people at Cherish DE and they suggested that she go have a chat to Dr Sean Walton, a computer scientist based in the Bay campus at Swansea and who also is a game developer.  Yamni and Sean specced out the idea of the game but soon realised they also could do with the advice of a graphic designer and UX specialist.  Luckily Chris Sherwood, a senior UX designer working at Swansea university was interested.  Together they applied for funding from the Impact Acceleration Account at Swansea University and won seed funding to develop the game.  Through 2017 and 2018 the game developed with funding from Cherish DE and when Stephen Mitchell, a software developer and tutor in Swansea joined in 2018 the team was complete and the game came on in leaps and bounds.  The final game was completed in 2019 and was user tested by 200 9-11 year olds in January 2019 before being beta released. The team will be releasing new versions of the game throughout the year taking into account feedback from player.

So please do take the survey when you play the game  – your suggestions might make it into the next release!

Early version of the game!